The living environment



School children spend their days in an exceptional setting. Each of the living spaces has been designed to promote the development of young and old on a daily basis.
It is a pleasure to evolve in this warm environment as much for the educational team as for the children.

Jumping, rolling, running, laughing… The 1500 m² of outdoor space in the school is a major asset for the development of children’s motor, sensory and cognitive faculties. They take advantage of it every day for their greatest pleasure.

Small plantations, observation of insects and animals (chickens, rabbits, turtles, fish,…), changes with the seasons… With a park at the foot of their classroom, children experience their connection to nature every day. They learn through observation and experimentation to understand and respect their environment for today and “when they are grown ups”.

The school site, a typically Nice mansion in Belle Epoque style dating from 1900, has been renovated and brought up to standards for childcare. The place has retained its charm and presents itself as a neat setting where children can feel good. Indeed, children are sensitive to their environment: providing them with an inspiring environment is important. Young and old alike deserve beautiful and refined equipment appealing to their sensitivity and their sense of aesthetics.

First and foremost, we are vigilant about the health and safety of children.

The hygiene and safety standards of the building (stairs, openings, electrical installations, etc.) are scrupulously respected. We have also taken the greatest care in securing access areas and site fences. The criterion of safety is always a priority in the choice of our equipment (furniture, teaching material, etc.).

In terms of food, allergies and specific treatments are naturally observed at mealtimes by the supervisory teams who are trained, in the event of an emergency, to provide first aid.

When one is in a process of finding a school for his child, the viability of the school is naturally one of the essential criteria of choice. No parent can calmly enroll their child without having the assurance that they will be able to continue their education there. This is why we want to communicate about our management in complete transparency.

To fully concentrate on its educational mission, any educational structure must be able to count on the sustainability of its financial health. When the school was created, it was therefore essential for us to eliminate any risk to the sustainability of the project.

For these fundamental reasons, the school benefits from the involvement of its co-founder Gérald Maradan. As a physicist, graduate of HEC and Harvard University, he co-manages the establishment in which he is the main investor. His entrepreneurial experience, his recognized quality of investor and his scientific approach are invaluable assets to guarantee the rational and pragmatic foundation of the school in the long term.

Founder of the companies EcoAct (world leader in the fight against climate change), Callysto (investment company dedicated to organizations with high social impact) and co-founder of the Entrepreneurs For Life association which supports entrepreneurs in developing countries with for aiming to fight poverty, Gérald Maradan has successfully dedicated his career to positively impactful projects. The opening of the international Montessori school in Nice is part of the continuity of its career, at the service of society and the future of new generations.

We teach the sense of responsibility on the basis of exemplarity: assuming our educational role is the first application of this. This is why the opening of the school is done with a long-term vision; we thus wish to bring serenity to parents and their children throughout their schooling within our walls.


A world of learners where children get a passport to the world


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    6 boulevard Prince de Galles,
    06000 Nice


    Monday to Friday
    8:20 a.m. – 6:15 p.m.
    closed on weekends


    Monday to Friday
    8:20 a.m. – 6:15 p.m.
    closed on weekends