Mission & Values of the school

is to develop the potential of each of the children we welcome in an exceptional material and human environment.

“By relying on Montessori pedagogy and in connection with the latest discoveries in neuroscience, we release and deploy the cognitive, social and physical skills of all children, for a better and more serene world”

Every human being has the right to learn to write, to read, to develop his potentialities, thanks to the knowledge transmitted by education, to flourish in his adult life, and to acquire a moral and civic development within of the society. The education of the child is the foundation of the social, economic and cultural development of a society. That is an inalienable right.

In the tradition of Maria Montessori, we see education as an “aid to life”. We want each child to become a free, confident, aware and responsible individual, able to adapt to any environment. Living together holds an important place in our pedagogy. It is, in our opinion, the foundation of a future society capable of living in peace.

We are committed to imparting an education of excellence that stimulates children and encourages them to become selfless and active people throughout their lives.
We rely on 3 pillars:

Observation: observation is a key in Montessori pedagogy to understand the children we support and to adapt our activities according to the needs of each of them. We spend a lot of time observing them and discussing with each of them, in a climate of trust.
“You only need to observe the student to know what he is learning.”  Maria montessori

Rigor: from an educational point of view, our approach is based on the scientific foundations of Montessori pedagogy and neuroscience. We rigorously follow each child by setting up skills booklets and personalized observations.

Researchers: we are always looking to improve our practice. We believe that innovation and creativity are necessary means to offer the best possible educational path for all children.


A world of learners where children get a passport to the world


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    6 boulevard Prince de Galles,
    06000 Nice


    Monday to Friday
    8:20 a.m. – 6:15 p.m.
    closed on weekends


    Monday to Friday
    8:20 a.m. – 6:15 p.m.
    closed on weekends